Barrier Plus


Lightweight PE foam wood underlay for medium traffic with vapour barrier.

Size: 1m x 15m (15m2) 3mm + Overlap


Lightweight PE foam wood underlay for medium traffic with vapour barrier. 

Protects against damp

Barrier has a clear printed vapour barrier on one side, which effectively and economically stops moisture rising from the subfloor to keep your floor dry. Barrier Plus has a vapour barrier on both sides and a double overlap, so you’reeven better protected against rising moisture to keep your floor bone dry.

Support against impact shock

Barrier and Barrier Plus give your floor covering the perfect level of support, guarding against excess wear and even high impact damage. It feels good under your feet, too!

Light fantastic

While they’re not lightweight in performance, Barrier and Barrier Plus certainly are easier and safer to lift and handle compared with many underlays – thanks to their ultra-lightweight PE foam making them a breeze to lift and move around… saving time and effort during installation.

The advanced moisture barrier gives this underlay even better resistance to fungi, mould and bacteria and dust-free installation means it is cleaner and easier to work with.

The 100% recyclable polyethylene foam makes this underlay very eco-friendly and kinder to the environment.

Don’t forget our Barrier Jointing Tape that can be used with Barrier wood underlays for added joint seal protection, extra strength and stability.

Suitable for use with laminate and engineered wood flooring (floating floor installation).

Not sure what you need?

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