QuickTherm Vapour


Perforated PE foam underlay specially designed for underfloor heating.

Size: 1m x 10m (10m2) 2mm + Overlap


Perforated PE foam underlay specially designed for underfloor heating.

Suitable for use with laminate and engineered wood flooring (floating floor installation).

QuickTherm Vapour with innovative perforations which allow optimum transfer of heat from an underfloor heating system to the room.  Orange in colour it has the additional benefit of a built-in vapour barrier with overlap, to stop moisture rising up from the subfloor.

The underfloor heating underlay

Along with the unique perforated design, QuickTherm Vapour has extremely low tog ratings which mean your underfloor heating system can work more efficiently which helps with your energy consumption (QuickTherm Vapour 0.303 Tog).

Lifelong supporter

The very dense closed-cell polyethylene material can take the weight of heavy loads long-term, supporting and protecting your floor to keep it in good shape for a longer life

Easy installation

QuickTherm Vapour is strong on performance but light in weight making it easy and convenient to transport during installation; and being 100% recyclable and dust-free means there is less clean up to do afterwards!

Not sure what you need?

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