TechniBoard 5mm (6sqm)


Lightweight panels to eliminate uneven subfloors and improve insulation.

Size: 10 panels 1200mm x 500mm (6m2)/pack 5mm


Lightweight panels to eliminate uneven subfloors and improve insulation.

Suitable for use with laminate and engineered wood flooring (floating floor installation).

FineFloor TechniBoard is made from clever XPS material, providing a lightweight yet durable solution for uneven subfloors. The modern polystyrene material is easy to lift and move around, helping to get the job done quickly.

Being dust and fibre free means TechniBoard is cleaner to install and helps prevent allergy problems.

Keep out the cold

With exceptional insulation properties, the FineFloor range is perfect for use on ultra-cold subfloors. So, in a basement for example, it’ll make your room feel so much cosier and usable.

Quietly does it

TechniBoard has high impact sound reduction, deadening any loud noise to make the whole room quieter and more peaceful.

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