Wood Underlay

Wood Underlays provide a layer of support between the subfloor and your wood flooring. These serve as buffers that offer a range of benefits to your floor, whether improving its lifespan, offering insulation, protecting against moisture (a weakness of wood) or even reducing sound from footsteps.  

Take a look below for our range of Wood Underlays, and FAQs. 

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Many underlays in our range are designed to provide moisture protection passing from the subfloor to the flooring above. This is because wooden floors are prone to moisture damage and warping when damp. If this is your chief concern, and you want the highest level of moisture protection on the market, look no further than our TimberTech range which is suitable for use with laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring. These underlays are designed with an in-built vapour barrier and are ideal for heavy-traffic areas in your home.

Indeed. There are several floorings that we offer that are suitable for use with underfloor heating. Both QuickTherm Underlay and QuickTherm Vapour Underlay are underlays that are specifically designed to work to a high level of efficiency with underfloor heating systems. They have a unique perforated design and extremely low tog values allowing heat to pass through, which means your underfloor heating system can work efficiently and reduce your energy usage.  

Essentially, the underlay is between the flooring and the underfloor heating system, and heat effectively transfers through at an even distribution. 

Wooden floors in general are hard surfaces that can be noisy when walked on or allow noise to pass through them creating unwanted noise disruption in rooms below. If this is a concern, then you would do well to get an underlay that cushions the floor and reduces the sound.  

Here are some underlays that we recommend for you:

  • TimberTech Neo Acoustic Underlay – Made of heavyweight natural crumb rubber, this wood underlay has a high sound absorption of up to 26dB, as well as being durable and designed for areas with heavy traffic.
  • TimberTech Gold Underlay – As well as providing the outstanding acoustic performance of 23dB, TimberTech Gold also has exceptional stability, preventing movement in your floor. Its ultra-thick laminated natural rubber also provides superior protection against moisture – so your room stays quiet and dry.
  • E-Board Pro Underlay – For the ultimate acoustic solution look no further than E-Board Pro which is specifically designed to reduce impact and airborne noise on timber floors. With a layer of Class O Acoustic Foam sandwiched between an acoustic barrier, it provides excellent results (53-57dB) and airborne sound (47-54dB) insulation – ideal for new, retrofit or renovation projects in offices, homes, and hotels.


Yes, we have manufactured an underlay that is perfect for improving the unevenness of your floors. Our FineFloor TechniBoard and FibreBoard underlay sits on the subfloor and actively resists its attempts to create irregularities that appear on the surface. Whilst FineFloor is not a fix for a subfloor with major imperfections, it does provide a cost-effective fix for minor subfloor imperfection issues that are not uncommon. 


Here is some information on TechniBoard Underlay:  


  • Levelling – Our FineFloor underlay boards are designed to mitigate subfloor irregularities. This helps to ensure a smooth surface for your wood flooring.  
  • Insulation – On top of helping with the unevenness, it also prevents heat from escaping through your wooden floor but will also stave off any coldness rising from the subfloor itself.  
  • Sound Reduction – These underlays have a high-impact sound reduction, allowing you to enjoy the quiet ambience of your home in peace.  
  • Easy installation – You need only lay the lightweight boards over the subfloor.