E-Board Timber


High performance underlay system for timber and concrete subfloors with brilliant acoustic performance.

Size: 1.2m x 1m (1.2m2) 12mm


High performance underlay system for timber subfloors with brilliant acoustic performance.

E-Board Timber is a high-mass yet resilient high-performance acoustic underlay, designed to help reduce both impact and airborne noise that helps meet or surpass Building Regulations Part E Resistance to the Transmission of Sound, primarily for timber sub-floors.

Quiet please…

E-Board with a layer of Class O Acoustic Foam under or sandwiched between an acoustic barrier means excellent impact (53-57dB) and airborne sound (47-54dB) insulation – ideal for new, retrofit or renovation projects in offices, homes and hotels.

Fire safe and sound

Meeting BS476: parts 6 & 7 – the highest level for Class O – the Acoustic Foam is a fully tested for fire resistance – and peace of mind.

Commercial or residential – meet the regs

Whether it’s used in commercial or residential installations, you can rely on E-Board to fully comply with Doc E of the Building Regulations.

Ideal under any floor finish – carpet can be fitted directly onto it, but for solid wood, laminate, ceramic, or vinyl we recommend adding 6mm ply or MDF to reduce flex.

With any type of uneven subfloor, the E-Board underlay levels it out to provide a perfect base for any floor covering.

Save time and effort during fitting with lightweight 1.2m x 1m tiles that are easy to lift and simple to cut and install.

Not sure what you need?

With our Traffilay system we’ve made it easy for you to find the perfect underlay to meet your needs. Choose the features and benefits you most want, and we’ll provide a list of the best solutions available.