Regupol Sonus Underlay 4515 Multi 4.5mm


Acoustic system which helps comply with Part E of Building Regulations.

Size: 1m x 18m (18m2) 4.5mm


Acoustic system which helps comply with Part E of Building Regulations.

Regupol® Sonus Acoustic Underlay 4515 Multi is a multi-purpose acoustic underlay systems which help comply with Part E of Building Regulations for impact sound reduction. It can be used over most types of sub floor and with all types of floor finish.

Performance under pressure

Regupol® Sonus underylay offers long term performance without collapse or “bottoming” out under high point loads and is resistant to ageing and deformation. With high quality and exact material thickness guaranteed, it reduces construction heights.

Comfort under foot

Suitable for use with under floor heating and is also very comfortable under foot.

Fit it fast!

Quick and easy to install. Simply bond to the subfloor beneath the final floor finish.

Manufactured using recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

Consultation with our Technical Support Team is recommended prior to specification.

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