Quiet Roll Universal 2mm

NEW Quiet Roll Universal is a high density underlay layer made from 100% cork, suitable for fully glued installations of dryback LVT. Passes the Castor Chair test when installed under LVT, making it suitable for areas of heavy foot and wheel traffic.

Size: 1m x 10m (10m2) 2mm


The NEW high performance acoustic underlay made from 100% Cork, which is suitable for fully glued installation under all types of flooring, including dryback LVT. Designed to help comply with Part E of Building Regulations.

Why Use Quiet Roll Universal?

  • Can be used under most flooring types, including glue down LVT
  • Passes the Castor Chair test when installed under glue down LVT so is suitable to use in areas of heavy foot and wheeled traffic
  • Excellent insulation against Impact Sound: 20dB under laminate, 17dB under LVT
  • Suitable to use with underfloor heating
  • 100% cork content, so no risk of staining of the floorcovering due to plasticiser migration

The Benefits of Cork

  • Anti-Static
  • Anti-Allergic
  • Bug Resistant – Cork contains suberin which is a natural insect repellent
  • Air Quality – Naturally antimicrobial and water resistant
  • Fire – if cork is burnt, no toxic fumes are emitted
  • Carbon Negative – any waste is recycled back into the production line
  • Sustainability – Portuguese Cork Oak Trees retain approximately 14 million tonnes of CO2 yearly, no trees are cut or damaged when harvesting

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