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We offer a wide range of carpet underlays, each one suiting the different needs of our customers. Do you need an underlay for a light traffic area? Take a look at our FloorSure range; light traffic underlays that give the maximum comfort, without compromising on quality. 

Our medium traffic underlays, such as SpringBack, Pure HD have excellent cushioning and compression recovery.

For heavy foot traffic options, which are a favourite of commercial areas, take a look at our PURE HD & UHD and PowerWalk range of carpet underlays for an example of what you can expect. They have a high density that allows them to resist the compression that comes with being walked on constantly, meaning they maintain their form with a shocking resilience. 


Breathe underlay is a product available form QA that is highly innovative in the field. It is made from 100% natural wood fibres. Breathe has a unique ability to filter out dust particles, even the smallest ones, thanks entirely to these fibres, even the smallest particles, for a fresher, cleaner, more comfortable home.

With our Breathe underlay, you can improve the air quality of your home by a large degree whilst also supremely comfortable to walk on. It’s an easy-to-install option that is environmentally friendly, being a sustainable choice that is biodegradable. On top of this, the material is of consistent quality and will meet every BS5808 performance standard.  



Yes. For luxurious carpets, you want an underlay that will not only retain the feel of the carpet but keep it looking great for longer.

Our Pure range is as indulgent as it is luxurious. Made from the highest grade PU foam, it feels great underfoot and has excellent compression recovery for the ultimate comfort.

Our CombiFelt Acoustic underlay gives a firm but truly plush feel under foot and is widely used with Axminster and quality twist carpets in luxury settings.


QA Flooring Solutions puts the customer first. We are committed to high-quality customer service for the extensive selection of underlays and other flooring products available and have the biggest stock holding in the UK. 

For Trade Customers, if your order exceeds £400, you’re eligible for free delivery, though we can facilitate next-day delivery too, if required. 



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