Premium Gripper – Concrete


Rated the best by fitters.

Premium Gripper from QA Flooring Solutions is regarded by many fitters as their favourite choice when it comes to using a top-of-the-range gripper product. QA Premium Gripper is suitable for all types of luxury carpet installation and is ideal for high quality carpets. QA Premium Gripper has 50% more pins per length than our QA Standard Gripper and is 6.5mm deep x 30mm wide – giving better strength and stability so you can be sure that the installation will be perfect and trouble free every time. QA Premium Gripper is available in all nail options – dual purpose, wood and concrete. It comes in 5ft lengths and 400ft per box.

Size: 5ft (400ft per box)


Premium Concrete Nail Gripper – Pre-nailed with masonry nails, specially designed for ease and speed of installation and an exceptionally strong fixing on concrete subfloors.

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