PowerWalk Gold


High Density PU foam underlay perfect for heavy duty domestic use.

Size: 1.37m x 11m (15.07m2) 11mm


High Density PU foam underlay perfect for heavy duty domestic use.

High density and hardwearing

The polyurethane foam in PowerWalk is extra high density (130kg/m3) so it’s extremely hardwearing, keeping your carpet looking good for longer.

Performance under pressure 

Under pressure, this is an underlay that really performs – with excellent compression recovery – to help your carpet keep that ‘just-fitted’ look.

Keeps flooring in its place

PowerWalk Gold has excellent stability to stop movement in your carpet, greatly reducing wear and tear.

Excellent thermal insulation

PowerWalk Gold has a 2.92 tog rating performance; which means your whole room feels warmer and more comfortable.

Sound Reduction

The sheer density of PowerWalk helps give it first-rate impact and sound insulation (Gold 44dB), making your room quieter.

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