Heatwave - The perfect balance


Underfloor heating underlay and carpet should not exceed 3 tog

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular, especially in new build homes, as it is claimed to work up to 20% more efficiently than traditional heating systems – very desirable for saving on heating bills!  


The myth that you can only use underfloor heating with wood or tile flooring is just a myth…industry tests have proved it is fine to use carpet.  You simply need to check the heat resistance of the carpet and the underlay isn’t too high.  Thermal resistance is measured in Togs and most manufacturers recommend that the Tog value of the carpet and of the underlay combined should be no higher than 3.


Comfortable carpet and underfloor heating
Carpet always needs to be fitted with underlay to make it comfortable to walk on and prevent it wearing out prematurely. Unfortunately most luxurious carpet underlays available have too high a Tog value to be used over underfloor heating…in other words they will block most of the heat getting through from the heating system into the carpet.  On the other end of the scale, most underlays that have a low Tog value are very thin, hard and uncomfortable to walk on.  But one of the fundamental reasons for having underlay is to make the carpet comfortable…so the question is what the perfect balance of both is which is just right? 



 Most popular ranges of carpet are between 1 and 2 Togs, so you do have some flexibility when choosing the underlay to go with it.  For obvious reasons, any underlay which is higher than 1.5 Tog will not be suitable at all.     


Crumbling Rubber underlayFor many years, the only carpet underlays that would work efficiently over underfloor heating were made from traditional sponge rubber.  These underlays generally feel uncomfortable to walk on.  Due to the nature of the material, they tend to dry out and crumble over time, especially with constant warming up and cooling down.  This means they lose their ability to spring back into shape, allowing the carpet to stretch, ruck and wear out quickly.  They are also notoriously heavy and impractical to fit.

HeatWave by QA represents a breakthrough in design, because it is made from a luxury grade polyurethane foam underlay which means it feels really comfortable to walk on and does not crumble over time.  It also keeps springing back into shape, which makes the carpet look like new for longer, giving you much better value for the money you spent on it in the first place!



Heatwave Underfloor Heating Unique Design Best Underfloor Heating Underlay


The unique design of HeatWave allows the warmth from the underfloor heating to flow up through the holes, so overcoming the problem that prevents other luxury underlays from being used.  It has a Tog value of just 1.2, which means that it can be used with most types of carpet…just make sure you check the Tog value of the carpet as well and make sure the sum total doesn’t exceed 2.5.







Flame Retardant Backing for peace of mind

And last but not least, HeatWave has the added benefit of a flame retardant backing to make it much safer to use with underfloor heating.

So if you have underfloor heating, you want to have a carpet which is luxuriously comfortable and you want to get the best long term value out of it, HeatWave represents the perfect balance between all three!