High quality MDF free-floating floor levelling system.

Jumpax Basic is an extremely quick and cost-effective way to level your sub floor when compared with the traditional methods of screeding or ply boarding the sub floor.

Easy does it
With a 3mm base and 4mm top board bound by a special interactive adhesive, Jumpax Basic is quick, clean and easy to install compared with traditional screeds. It preserves the sub-floor and allows you to lay the finished floor covering quicker, saving you time.

Smooth, stable and simply warmer
The system is ideal for creating a sub-floor layer over underfloor heating systems for a perfect finish ready for the floor covering – with very low thermal resistance (0.7 tog) to really let heat through.

Lightening the load
The lightweight MDF material means Jumpax Basic is a breeze to lift and manoeuvre, so with its quick and easy installation you’ll really save time and effort.

Impact sound reduction
Jumpax Basic has the added benefit of providing a sound reduction of 21dB (when installed over QA TechniBoard underlay)

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