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Breathe is a 100% Natural Underlay Product

100% Natural

No harmful chemicals, vapours or VOCs here! The natural wood fibres in Breathe come from sustainable sources with nothing added, making it extremely environmentally-friendly…and fully biodegradable.

Breathe gives you better air quality throughout the home

Air Quality

Remarkably, tests have shown Breathe filters over 95% of dust out of the air you breathe, trapping even the smallest particles as air passes through for a fresher-feeling home – and making life easier for allergy sufferers too.

Comfortable underlay

Real Underfoot

It’s not only your air that benefits from Breathe! Its density and strength keep your carpets in great shape for longer, giving a luxurious, comfortable feel to every room in your home – even with underfloor heating!

Discover a healthier,
fresher home

Breathe is an extraordinary new breakthrough in underlay: made from completely natural, environmentally-friendly wood fibres, it has the ability to filter even the smallest dust particles to improve the air quality in your home.

Its incredible properties mean Breathe is anti-allergenic, making life much easier for allergy sufferers. Even better, it goes on working hard day after day to clean your air …so Breathe is the ideal choice to look after your home, and your family’s health.

Code: QAU-BRE-01 / Size: 1.1m x 13.7m (15.07m2)
Thickness: 8mm

  • Carpet
  • Carpet
  • Carpet
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The next generation natural underlay, Breathe is part of QA’s PureHome range – a simply better choice for a healthier home. To see for yourself how it’s a breath of fresh air for floors, get in touch using our Contact form

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