Most of us spend so much time and effort picking the perfect wood or laminate flooring that we forget about the importance of a high quality underlay. Surprising really, when the right underlay can make all the difference with comfort, support and practicality.

When it comes to wood or laminate, you need an underlay that provides a level surface, sound and heat insulation and the flexibility to be used in any room of a home or business.

FineFloor FibreBoard Underlay provides all of this and more. In fact, our underlay is now 100% certified by the Forest Stewardship Council FSC, so you know it’s a product that comes from well managed forests.

For resellers, this international environmental affiliation is a huge ‘green’ selling point to promote to your clients. And customers, well you can sleep better knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.

This is just one of the great benefits to FibreBoard Underlay. Here are 5 more...

1. It’s DIY friendly

A plus point of being made from traditional natural wood fibres is that FibreBoard is really easy to line up, cut and fit – so it installs much quicker than many other underlays on the market.

2. It’s levelling

Very few subfloors (the lowest, stripped-back part of your floor) are completely even all the way across, so FibreBoard is thick enough to provide a level surface for laying wood or laminate on top. This smoothes out the most uneven areas, making floors last longer.

3. It insulates heat

Designed to be thermally insulating, FibreBoard is ideal for the coldest subfloors like ground floors and cellars, where there’s no other source of heat coming from below. So even the chilliest rooms will stay cosy and comfortable.

4. It reduces sound

The wood fibre of FibreBoard naturally has high impact sound reduction, which deadens any loud noise and makes the whole room quieter. It’s ideal to limit the noise of creaky floorboards, and great to avoid waking young children when they sleep. And for people who live in flats, what better way to prevent neighbourly noise disturbance?

5. It’s available in three thicknesses

With 4mm, 5.5mm and 7mm FibreBoard thicknesses on offer, it’s suitable for a wide range of rooms and buildings, with the denser underlay providing optimum insulation and levelling for the most uneven of floors.

Like what you’ve read? Why not get your hands on some FineFloor FibreBoard Underlay? Our new eye-catching packaging design will be out soon!

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