Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring doesn't just go on the floor.  You can use it in lots of different ways to create a variety of interesting features.  Here are a few examples to get you thinking...

Image of Luvanto flooring on stairs

This was a project where Luvanto flooring was put into stair treads for a high quality finish at a leisure centre in London.  Luvanto can be fitted to stair treads and stair backs to make them look as though they have been made in solid wood.  


Image of Luvanto flooring used in hairdressing salon

This was a project where Luvanto flooring was used to create a decorative finish to the tables in a hairdressing salon in Bournemouth.  The matching flooring and tabletops just gave a very smart touch to the salon.  


This is just a small sample of ideas.  What ideas can you come up with for using Luvanto flooring?

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