For years, underlay and underfloor heating have sat uncomfortably together. The reason: to work efficiently, underfloor heating needs underlay with low thermal resistance – and the only suitable products are dense and hard, more suited to commercial use such as hotels.

That’s why we’ve added HeatWave to our range. The first luxury fire retardant underlay for use with underfloor heating!


HeatWave combines a tog rating of just 1.2 with a super soft, very pure PU foam that has excellent spring-back, offering excellent comfort underfoot. The perforated design enhances the heat transfer too so your feet will be kept warm and cosy! HeatWave is also flame retardant – making it a safe choice for any home, especially luxury domestic properties where underfloor heating is more commonly used.

 You can check out the product here or simply give us a call and one of our sales team will be glad to help! Don’t forget to follow @QA_Flooring for the latest updates and news!

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