Decided to invest in Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) but struggling to choose the right pattern? You’re not alone! Usually, the hardest part of finding the flooring design that’s right for you is trying to imagine what your fabulous new flooring will look like when it’s fitted.

The world’s fastest growing flooring finish comes in so many styles and colours, that it’s tough knowing what’ll match the existing decor in your home.

Take our revolutionary Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring for instance. With a 35 colours, in light or dark shades, contemporary or modern styles, and strip or tiled patterns, you have so much choice.

Watch styles come to life

We’ve created the Luvanto 3D Room Designer, to help you envisage what your preferred styles will look like in reality.

Flick through a gallery of 19 rooms in a typical home, change the colour of the walls, and alter the laying angle of the strips from straight lines to 45, 90 and 135 degree angles to see how your choice of flooring will look in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or conservatory.

The Luvanto 3d Room App

There’s even an option to upload a photo of one of your rooms, to see exactly how the different wood and stone styles will look in your home.

If you still need some design ideas, flooring inspiration or just a few pointers, here are three easy ways to achieve some popular flooring styles with Luvanto...

The classic look

For a traditional, timeless look that makes your home feel cosy and warm, our three oak styles are ideal. Luvanto Country Oak gives you the lovely, rustic, farmhouse appearance of timber.

Luvanto Country Oak

Go for the standard irregular strip pattern to achieve an authentic, simple look, or go for something a little more daring like the attractive herringbone design for a more expensive feel.

Modern living

Nothing says edgy and contemporary like a dark flooring finish, and Luvanto Ebony is perfect for creating the 21st Century vibe in any living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Choose the standard charcoal-coloured pattern with its attractive wood grain, or mix things up with a hexagon or herringbone pleat which introduces a lighter tone to your flooring strips.

Luvanto Ebony

Set in stone

Take your pick from 16 tile flooring designs to create anything from a natural stone or limestone effect to a modern slate look.

Luvanto Sparkle Black and Luvanto Sparkle White are both incredibly popular thanks to the beautiful way their marble-effect tiles catch the light. And just like our wood-look flooring, they’re guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Sparkle Black Kitchen Luvanto

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