Long thought to be exclusively for the rich and the famous, underfloor heating is enjoying a new lease of life in many of the UK’s family homes. And it’s easy to see why.

We’re a nation who loves innovation - the smartphone generation, craving the latest gadgets and always keen to adopt new state-of-the-art technology.

And while it may cost a little more to buy and install than your typical gas boiler and radiator central heating system, high-tech underfloor heating comes with a wealth of benefits…

1. Cheaper and more efficient to run

INTERESTING FACT ALERT: Underfloor heating is around 20% more efficient than traditional heating systems (50% if you have high ceilings). It heats a larger area than a radiator, works well at a lower temperature and keeps your floors warm even in a draughty room.

You can enjoy even more efficiency with low tog underfloor heating underlay. QuickTherm for wood flooring and HeatWave for carpets both allow heat to flow freely into your room, keeping you toasty for longer and lowering your energy bills.

2. Loads more flexibility

There’s no other way to say this: radiators are inconvenient. They get in the way of paintings, shelf units and furniture. And only the extremely cold-blooded among us wants to sit on a couch that’s parked right in front of a scorching hot radiator.

Instead, underfloor heating is hidden beneath your carpet, wood, laminate or tiling, so you have complete freedom with your room layouts and avoid the need for an ugly, bulky radiator taking up so much of your precious space.

3. Infinitely more comfortable

Us humans are fussy creatures, who hate being too hot, and hate being too cold, so underfloor heating delivers the cool head / warm feet conditions that we feel most comfortable in. And with some systems featuring intelligent controls, you can create the same cosy feeling all year round.

You’ll be able to stroll around barefoot 365 days of the year thanks to the warm glow that underfloor heating provides. Ideal in winter and perfect for keeping your tootsies toasty when you step out of the bath or shower. And your whole room will feel warm – not just the area nearest your radiator.

4. Enormous health benefits

Bacteria are circulated around your rooms easily by the convection from radiators, but with no airflow, underfloor heating vastly reduces the amount of germs in your home. Carpet dust mites are virtually eliminated, and slip risks are reduced too, due to your floors carrying less moisture.

5. Environmentally friendly

More efficiency equals lower water temperatures, which equals a reduced carbon footprint. So you’ll not only save money on heating bills, but do your bit to save the planet.

Ready to make the switch? We’re here for all your underfloor heating underlay needs

Or, if you’re happy to stick with traditional central heating, you can enjoy many of the health and environmental benefits of underfloor hearing with our revolutionary Breathe underlay.

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