Whether you’re moving house or just redecorating, choosing new flooring for your home is one of the most exciting parts of making changes to your home.  From choosing just the right carpet or deciding which wood floor can bring your living space to life, there are many decisions for homeowners to make.

You may end up considering the question of underlay – do you need it or not? Underlay is a vital component to your home’s entire flooring solution and here are some of the reasons why.

Underlay protects your flooring

Fitting a good quality underlay underneath the floor acts as a shock absorber. That means that any room, regardless of the amount of traffic it experiences, can have a fully protected floor. Whether you choose carpet or luxury vinyl, the right underlay can protect your floor from impact and damage.

Underlay adds warmth and comfort

If keeping the cold out of your living space is important to you then look no further than underlay. Several of our underlays act as a barrier to cold subfloors, keeping your room cosy and your energy bills lower.  Our FineFloor TechniBoard underlay is the perfect example of an underlay that’s made to insulate your room with its very high 2.15 Tog insulation value.

Underlay reduces noise

Do you have a budding musician in the house, or maybe you’re fond of wood flooring but the noise made when walking across it carries a little? We know that noise is a normal part of a well-loved family home but that doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce it with a little help from your underlay.

Here at QA Flooring Solutions we stock a wide range of sound reducing underlays that can help restore peace to your home. Our TimberTech2 range of underlays has been designed with sound reduction in mind, deadening loud noise and particularly well suited for use under wood.

Underlay adds life to your flooring

What many people don’t realise is that underlay is not simply an optional luxury; it extends the lifespan of your carpet, vinyl or wood floor. Good quality flooring is a significant investment and underlay is the perfect partner to keep it looking good for longer. If you want to see your outlay pay off for years to come, a well cushioned, hardwearing underlay will pay dividends.

Underlay helps you clean your carpet more effectively

If you have opted for plush carpet then you’ve guaranteed a feeling of comfort and warmth in your home. Keeping your carpet clean is the best way to make sure this feeling of luxury is maintained in the long term.  The lift and cushioning that underlay provides helps vacuum cleaners effectively lift dirt from the fibres of your carpet, without grinding it against hard subfloors, such as floorboards or concrete.

With all of these advantages, it’s obvious that underlay is not a luxury you can ignore. It’s actually an essential part of creating a robust and long-lasting flooring solution for your home, one that will pay off for years to come.

Here at QA, we have been providing our customers’ with a wide range of underlay options for many years. With so many varieties available, we have created a unique and simple way to sort through what’s on offer to make sure that your needs are being met.

Our three step Traffilay system has been developed to help you find your perfect underlay online. All you have to do is tell us your room’s traffic level, the type of flooring you’re having and the benefits you want from the underlay.  From this information we will give you the best suited underlay options from our range.

If you want to get the foundations of great flooring just right, then get in touch with the team at QA Flooring Solutions. We’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so give our friendly experts a call on 0151 495 3434 or send us a question via our online contact form.



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