With not just one, but two amazing exhibitions planned for this month, it is clear to see why September is an exciting time for the team at QA Flooring.

Our first stop is in the picturesque town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, famous for its spas, mineral water and – you guessed it – the Flooring Show.

The Flooring Show

A who’s who of all things flooring, the aptly named, ‘The Flooring Show’ makes a regular appearance in the QA calendar.

This year we will be showcasing a range of exciting developments from our excellent underlay ranges, award-winning accessory supplies and our innovative new exciting Luvanto range.

Whilst we would like to keep the full itinerary a secret until the show, you can be sure to see the following:

• Find out why QA was voted Accessory Supplier of the Year.

• View our re-branded Luvanto range.

• Get a first-look at the innovative new, Luvanto Endure product range.

• Discover how you can make more money by selling the Big 4 Underlay ranges.



The Flooring Show takes place between 17-19th September. The Sunday is often very busy so if you want more one-on-one attention, we suggest leaving it until the Tuesday.



Harrogate, North Yorkshire. 



Entry is free and much faster if you register here beforehand.


Moving on

Our second stop takes place just a day after Harrogate in the bustling capital of London, famous for being, well, London.

After trekking down from The Flooring Show, we will be arriving at Olympia, London to attend the much loved, 100% Design Expo.

Giving ourselves barely enough time to catch our breath before setting up our Luvanto exclusive stand.


100% Design London

100% Design is the UK’s largest dedicated expo for architects, designers and the trade. We are super excited to be making our debut at the event and particularly proud to be showcasing our newly refreshed, Luvanto branding. 



The 100% Design London takes place between 20-23rd September. This is a fantastic opportunity for our customers who were unable to make the journey up to Yorkshire to catch up with the QA team and learn more about our new Luvanto range.

Although we are primarily talking about Luvanto we will be more than happy to discuss underlays and accessories.

What you will definitely see at 100% Design London is:

• The refreshed Luvanto brand.

• A innovative new Luvanto product, Endure.

• Some mind-blowing examples of how Luvanto has been used in commercial projects.

• The story of Luvanto.



Olympia, London.



 Entry is free if you register here.


What if I can’t attend?

Don’t worry if you can’t make either event, although we would love the opportunity to sit down and chat face-to-face, we will make sure to update you on all the latest developments during and after the events.




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