With more and more homeowners replacing traditional home heating systems with underfloor heating, it’s clear we are a nation who love keeping warm and comfortable.

But while it’s claimed to work up to 20% more efficiently than your standard central heating system - saving you money on heating bills - many people argue that underfloor heating has its drawbacks.

One myth is that underfloor heating can only be used beneath wood or tile flooring, and that it’s useless underneath carpet. But industry tests prove this wrong – provided you keep your carpet and underlay to a low enough tog value.

So what’s the tog rating?

Underlay is essential for carpets, making them comfortable to walk on and stopping them wearing out too quickly. Both underlay and carpet have a “tog” rating, which is basically a measure of how well they resist the transfer of heat. So the higher the tog value, the less heat can pass through.

High tog values are great on things like duvets in the winter – stopping body heat escaping and keeping you all cosy in bed.

But with underfloor heating, if the combined tog rating of your carpet and underlay is too high, little to no heat will be able to pass through into your house.

Getting the right tog balance

You need to add up the tog ratings of your carpet and underlay. And if the combined value is more than 3, your underfloor heating won’t work as efficiently as it could.

At the other end of the scale, if you choose thin carpet and underlay with a very low tog rating, they won’t provide you with much comfort and support and the carpet will wear out quickly.

With most popular carpets between 1 and 2 tog, it leaves you little to play with when it comes to underlay. But you have a solution, and it’s called HeatWave.

How does Heatwave work?

It’s a luxury grade polyurethane foam that’s been specially designed to work brilliantly between underfloor heating and carpets. It has a tog value of 1.2 which is much lower than most luxury underlays (which are usually 2-3 tog). It’s thick and comfy to walk on, and won’t crumble over time like traditional sponge carpet underlay.

It’ll also bounce back into shape after you walk on it, keeping it looking like new for longer and giving you great value for money. And the best bit – the clever heat channels built into the foam easily transfer heat from the element in your underfloor heating, so you don’t have to compromise as much on a thinner carpet.

Want to know more? Read all about HeatWave – you can also request a sample to check it out for yourself before placing an order.

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