With spring just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking how to get your home looking pristine after blowing away the cobwebs of winter. But instead of simply cleaning up, why not make some cheap and easy home improvements?

Here are 15 tips on renovating all areas of your home without breaking the bank...


Stairway to heaven – unless you live in a bungalow, your stairs are the first thing people encounter in your home, so why not cover your tired carpet with a stylish runner.

Keep on moving – by far the easiest way to freshen up lounge is by rearranging your furniture. It’ll feel like you’ve moved to a new home.

Get up-cycling – reupholster your tired chairs or add a funky fabric throw to a sofa that’s past its snooze–on date. They’ll look like new.

Bling it up – use stainless steel coloured peel–and–stick paper to cover white appliances in your kitchen. You’ll get a modern look without the price tag.

Handle with care – change your kitchen cupboard and drawer knobs, handles and hinges to freshen up your storage spaces. You can pick these up for a few quid from most DIY stores.

Make the switch – replace old kitchen light switches and plug sockets with sparkling white or stainless steel facades.


Beddy buys – transform your bed by getting some new covers, or if you’re crafty, why not sew these from old pieces of fabric?

Light it up – got an attic bedroom? Off–the–peg skylights are easy to install and instantly add loads more natural light to one of the gloomiest rooms in your home.

Off the shelf – add some alcove shelving to the corner of a bedroom or the inside of fitted wardrobes. It’ll create new storage space and keep your room clutter–free.

The little things – rugs, soap dishes, towel rails and toilet roll holders are all inexpensive and easy to replace, so if yours are worn around the edges, chuck ‘em out and get new ones.

Scent with love – bathroom air fresheners can be a bit overbearing, so upgrade to scented candles or incense and enjoy a completely new atmosphere.

Stay glassy – replace your boring wall tiles inside your shower area with high–gloss glass. There’s no grout to go grey or get chipped, and it adds some pizzazz to your walls.

All Over

Be shady – upgrade the lightshades and lampshades in every room and see how much of a huge difference this small change can make.

Nature indoors – Plants add life to any home, so bring the greenery of your garden inside. You can pick up some really nice ceramic pots from any hardware stores.

The ground up – Get show-home flooring for less than you think by replacing your tired carpets, lino or ceramic tiles with Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) which give you the look and feel of expensive real wood or stone flooring but at a fraction of the cost.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring comes in 35 styles; wood planks or stone tiles, light or dark shades and traditional or modern styles, so you can transform your whole home to suit your taste.

They’re high quality, easy to install and cheaper than most of the alternatives on the market. Find out more or get in touch with our specialists on 0151 495 34 34 today.

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